Hi guys, 
YumTomYum here~ ^^

Have you ever heard this before?

Don’t Afraid, Don’t Regret

                I get it from a book, a Chinese folk story book. 
The story is like this.

Long time ago *ehum*, there’s a boy who wanted to go abroad to find a job and gain experience. Then, he asked the oldest man in his family. The eldest said that he have six words for him, but that time he will only give him three; 不要怕, don’t be afraid. He said that he will give the rest to him after he back home.

Then the boy gone.

Out there, he made his life. He gained experience, he also have a good job. But by the time he become more success, he always feel something missing, something should be done better. He regret things he passed. Suddenly he remembered that the eldest have another three words for him. Thought that the eldest’ wisdom will help, he decided to go home.

Unfortunately, the eldest had passed away since the boy went abroad. But, the eldest had a letter which is written for him. The boy received it, and read. There’s another three words in the letter; 不后悔, don’t regret. Then by the time he read it, he feel better because he knew that he no need to regret.

What do you guys get after read the story above?
For me, I got this.

                Honestly, went abroad to Thailand has change my life. I need to be brave, get out from the ‘safety zone’; the family’s care and protection, the friends I’ve gotten from college, get out from the routine I have, etc. But luckily, I’m kind of person that enjoy adventure. Moreover, my family support me to go.

                Five moths there just passed like a dream. The big and green university, the classmate, the library, the monthly bazaar, the culinary, the church, the activity are something I always miss. There, I’ve became an active student who tried to do this and that, and I have time – which is rare if I’m living at Indonesia. So, is there anything I regret about?

YES. I have.

I regret that I should have made more friends, I should have do this and that, and I should not do this or that things. I think that you guys ever have that kind of feeling, like the boy in the story.
不要怕, 不后悔. Don’t afraid, don’t regret.
I learnt that I should not afraid to take a chance yet I should not regret for any detail in the journey. We only live once, so take it as lessons and memories are better than longing to turn back time which is impossible.

Wait, I have my favourite quotes from The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey, 

Gandalf: You'll have a tale to two to tell when you come back.

Bilbo Baggins: Can you promise that I will come back?

Gandalf: No. And if you do, you will not be the same.



Hello May! 
Please be good! 

It’s just so sudden, I decided to join the Snail Mail Revival (you can check their IG out, @snailmailrevival.) What is that and why would I do that?

"Send us an email to snailmailrevival@gmail.com if you're wanting a pen friend and we'll happily match you with someone. #snailmailrevival," they said in their Instagram account.
Back from the Thailand, I’d looked for my Korean book, the learning source, the biography, the manhwa, and some others. Honestly, they are my treasure since I’ve gotten my Korean learning desire back. But that time, I couldn’t find it anywhere at home. But fortunately, now I found them with good condition! *hugs*

When I was looking for my books, I saw my parents’ old thing. And they told me that they have some pen pals when they’re young. That time, there’s a penpal club in the Post Office. My dad has friends from Netherland, Hongkong, and other places. I think it's nice! Moreover because now is global era that we can go anywhere without any border. 

It’s somehow made me remember of the old time.

When I was at my elementary, I moved to another city because my dad’s job. To be keep in touch with my bestie, we did send some letters, and it’s fun! Coming home, having some new mail, read it, reply it, save it, and read it again in the future. Nostalgic! So somehow, I wanted to do it again.

The #YumTomYumproject is coming altogether with #FromINAwithLOVE. It’s just my own made project. Haha. I do it on Instagram and a Post Crossing website. So what’s that?

I write postcard (I also do direct swap) to people outside Indonesia, I also let them know a little bit bahasa Indonesia or I introduce them a little bit about Indonesia. I hope with this little project, I’ll be able to make new friends and let my new friends know about Indonesia. In this first batch, I will use postcard. So that's why I can't tell too much story. Hahaha. So far, I've sent 3 postcards! ^^ 

This is for my first friend in Shanghai!

This is for a friend in Thailand.

This is for a new friend in Russia
I've sent that all today! Hopefully they will arrive ASAP and my friends like it. ^^

Want me to be your penpal, swapping postcards, and more? 
Check my Ig : @gberocks or send me email to gberocks@gmail.com

Spread the love of Indonesia!!


YumTomYum update from Thailand!

We supposedly have no Schedule today, and I wished to be able to rest all day, or maybe explore our dorm first. But our Thai Buddies want to meet us at KMUTT Bangmod Campus Building at 9 AM. So, yeah. We need to go. Last night, K told us to ride Bus 88 to go to Bangmod Campus for free. We follow his instruction. It takes around 50 minutes to go to the Bangmod Campus!

This is the buss. FREE BUS!
What we saw at the first gate. 
Arrived at KMUTT Bangmod Campus, we need to find the International Affair’s office. We don’t know where is that, so we went around and ask people. Finally we have somebody to take us there. The Campus area is so big. I’m afraid we might be lost!

So, the International Affair is in the 6th Floor of President Building. We reached there and meet our buddies and also the International Affair’s staff! They gave us a warm welcome. After we finished our administration, our Buddies take us to see the Campus Area. They took us around. There’s a lot of Technical Department here. And this is our Department’s building! It’s next to Campus Library! Walked again, we found a cute Coffee Shop. I’m so in love!

We have lunch at Campus Food court called ‘KMUTT Food Court’ (KFC, to be short). The food is quite cheap. It’s around 20 – 40B++ per meal.  There’s something I like about this Campus, we can refill our drink for free! The mineral water machine is spread out everywhere in the Campus area. After we have lunch, our buddies take us to see another residence off campus, because BKT Dorm is quite far, and Bangmod Campus dorm has already full for this year, we need to live off campus. We walked and walked and found out that most of the residence has already full and It’s quite hot today.

At the evening, we went to Central Rama Two to make a Thai Sim Card by city bus. It cost around 16 Baht. We use DTac provider, because our Buddy recommend it to us, moreover it have a limited time promotion! Hehehe. To make a Sim Card, We need to bring our Passport and LoA. The Simcard is a PostPaid one. We will pay the bill in Seven Eleven Store after the we received our bill via email (or letter. It’s depend on your choice). You will need to choose your packet in advance. So after you got the SimCard, you don’t need to re-register it in your phone.

Pork Burger and the Minion. hehe
After we all have the Sim Card, some of us have McD’s Happy Meal as our early dinner! There’s Despicable Me 2 promotion too here in Thai, look what I got! I found out there’s a lot of non-halal food here in Thailand. They sells pork everywhere. Minced Pork Satay, BakCho, McD’s burger, Pizza and even Lays also have Pork’s taste. I admit it’s kinda hard to find Halal food here. After we finished eating, we go to TopRama’s  convenience store at the basement. The price is lower than Seven Eleven, I guess.
We found sushi stall here. One for 5 Baht. Buy 10 free 1. Wohoo! Looks unique and quite cheap! We bought a lot. And we have a little Sushi Party at our dorm. Ganbei!

May you guys DROLLING in peace. 

This is the end of the day. Time flies for sure. 

Finally it's the DAY! 

Double Rainbow!
We gathered at our University in Batam (will be called UIB from now on) at around 7 A.M. It's a little bit raining back then. We went to "Nongsapura Seaport" after we all had arrived at the meeting point. When we're about to go to the seaport, there's a rainbow in the sky! Hope it's a good sign.

The situation at the Ferry, that time.
Arrived at the seaport, which was so quiet because the seaport is quite far from the main city, we rushed to checked in for the 9 o'clock ferry which we took to go to Singapore. There just 11 people went to Singapore by that Ferry (included us, 9 students from UIB). That's my first time go to SG with that small amount of people. Personally, I really enjoy the trip. *Sit-Like-A-Boss* We didn't need to be rush to go out  from the ferry (so we don't need to queue for a long time in the Immigration, hehe)!

Arrived at SG, we took Taxi to go to the Changi Airport. We got around 7 - 11SGD per Taxi (we took 3 Taxies). I'm not sure why the price was that variable. There, after checked in, we went to have lunch.

"Rain Orchestra" in the Changi Airport. (Name was made by me, coz idk what's  the real  name of it.) 

And it's time to go on board. Yehey! Finally we fly to Thailand, the land of Smile. Can't wait to be there, to meet new friends, to be a foreigner for six months, and have a new adventure and stories to be shared! The flight took around 2 hours.

It's raining. We afraid the plane would
 be delayed. But thankfully, it's not. =]
                  View from the Sky
Thailand sneak peek

YumTomYum Lost in Thailand reported,

We landed at Don Muang Airport, lately I know it’s actually a domestic airport. My Thai friend wondered why I didn't landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport but Don Muang Airport. She asked me what plane did we use, and after I said we use Air Asia promo flight, she said, “Oh, that’s why.” There’s two airports in Thailand, Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. Suvarnabhumi is Thailand’s International Airport. "In 2012, Bangkok, Thailand, proved to be one of Instagram's most photographed cities. More photos were shared at Suvarnabhumi Airport than anywhere else in the world!" Instagram said. Believe it or not, Suvarnabhumi Airport got the 1st place on the list! On the other hand, Don Muang is a small airport. Our Thai Buddy said, “But if you want to have an economical Flight, take a flight at Don Muang Airport!”. 

Thai Buddy is how we called some Thai who voluntary be our guide. They will guide us around campus, off campus, teach us a lot of things like how to use public transportation, to go here and there, and so on.
We’ve made contact to International Affair at King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi  (KMUTT, will be called this way from now on) about our flight and our arrival, and they said they will wait for us at the Airport before we arrived. So that’s it. Just after we are out from the arrival gate, we spotted a big KMUTT sign and a group of white-black uniform. As soon as we met them, we told them about who we are. They introduced that they’re a group of buddies. There were around 10 buddies. We split into two groups and go with vans to have dinner at a mall.

This is US! Together with the Buddies. Picture was taken in the Airport! ^^

This is Than, he is one
of our Thai Buddies. ^^
Hohoo! The scent of Thailand.
That is a sign of Thai's Temple!

It takes around one hour to go to the Mall because of traffic jam. One of the Thai Buddy called “K” told us that they also have rush hour which caused Traffic Jam. Some of us seems jet lagged. They felt so dizzy in the van. Finally, we arrived at Central Plaza Rama 2, Rama is the ‘name’ of their King. There are King Rama 1 until King Rama 9 (which is still alive now). Our Thai Buddy told us that every 6 PM we will hear the National Anthem and we must stand up and stop everything we’re doing to show our respect to the King.
At the Mall, we went to a food court in the fifth floor. To buy food, we need to change our cash into a card. This is a new thing for us, because usually we only need to pay with cash and I personally think that it's a little bit complicated. First impression about Thai dish : It's unique. A lil bit spicy, sour, and sweet. We will try to adapt!

After we had our dinner, we went to the BangKhutTien dormitory. This is where we will stay for a few days, or maybe months, depend on the situation. We passed through Seven Eleven 24hours Market to buy some needs. There’s so many of them along the street.

The sleeping Dog.

We found a wild dog sleeping in front of the Seven Eleven's automatic door. It slept so tight and no one disturbed it. They said that there's a lot of wild dogs in Thailand.

It takes around one hour from the mall to our dormitory. It seems like our dorm is not in the main city. But it feels really good to be here. We got the room for two. It's big and cozy. The dorm's facilities are good too, High Speed Wifi, Sport Hall (and Gym), Laundry, 24 Hr Mini Market, etc. It's peaceful here. Not crowded, we hear no traffic sound. K said it’s a new dorm of KMUTT, so he haven’t been there before.

Arrived at our Dorm!

They said we will stay here for three days! And it's FREE!! Yay Yay Yay! K gave us his Wifi ID and Password, he said only sophomore can get this privilege. Freshmen haven’t get their Student ID card, so they unable to access wifi with they own ID.

Not like our local Internet Service, Thailand’s internet is a lot faster than us. Oh man, I don’t want to go home!
Okay. I guess this is the end of Day One report. See you next day! Keep updating!

***Today is 30th of July. And we've already moved out from the BKT Dorm. Why? Stay tune! ^^ I don't have much time nowadays. So I unable to give you the up-to-date news. Sorry~ m(_ _)m But I'm trying to find some time to share my story with you. 

              Good bye! 
          Sincerely yours,