[Day 2] Sign In to KMUTT Bangmod Campus!

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YumTomYum update from Thailand!

We supposedly have no Schedule today, and I wished to be able to rest all day, or maybe explore our dorm first. But our Thai Buddies want to meet us at KMUTT Bangmod Campus Building at 9 AM. So, yeah. We need to go. Last night, K told us to ride Bus 88 to go to Bangmod Campus for free. We follow his instruction. It takes around 50 minutes to go to the Bangmod Campus!

This is the buss. FREE BUS!
What we saw at the first gate. 
Arrived at KMUTT Bangmod Campus, we need to find the International Affair’s office. We don’t know where is that, so we went around and ask people. Finally we have somebody to take us there. The Campus area is so big. I’m afraid we might be lost!

So, the International Affair is in the 6th Floor of President Building. We reached there and meet our buddies and also the International Affair’s staff! They gave us a warm welcome. After we finished our administration, our Buddies take us to see the Campus Area. They took us around. There’s a lot of Technical Department here. And this is our Department’s building! It’s next to Campus Library! Walked again, we found a cute Coffee Shop. I’m so in love!

We have lunch at Campus Food court called ‘KMUTT Food Court’ (KFC, to be short). The food is quite cheap. It’s around 20 – 40B++ per meal.  There’s something I like about this Campus, we can refill our drink for free! The mineral water machine is spread out everywhere in the Campus area. After we have lunch, our buddies take us to see another residence off campus, because BKT Dorm is quite far, and Bangmod Campus dorm has already full for this year, we need to live off campus. We walked and walked and found out that most of the residence has already full and It’s quite hot today.

At the evening, we went to Central Rama Two to make a Thai Sim Card by city bus. It cost around 16 Baht. We use DTac provider, because our Buddy recommend it to us, moreover it have a limited time promotion! Hehehe. To make a Sim Card, We need to bring our Passport and LoA. The Simcard is a PostPaid one. We will pay the bill in Seven Eleven Store after the we received our bill via email (or letter. It’s depend on your choice). You will need to choose your packet in advance. So after you got the SimCard, you don’t need to re-register it in your phone.

Pork Burger and the Minion. hehe
After we all have the Sim Card, some of us have McD’s Happy Meal as our early dinner! There’s Despicable Me 2 promotion too here in Thai, look what I got! I found out there’s a lot of non-halal food here in Thailand. They sells pork everywhere. Minced Pork Satay, BakCho, McD’s burger, Pizza and even Lays also have Pork’s taste. I admit it’s kinda hard to find Halal food here. After we finished eating, we go to TopRama’s  convenience store at the basement. The price is lower than Seven Eleven, I guess.
We found sushi stall here. One for 5 Baht. Buy 10 free 1. Wohoo! Looks unique and quite cheap! We bought a lot. And we have a little Sushi Party at our dorm. Ganbei!

May you guys DROLLING in peace. 

This is the end of the day. Time flies for sure.