From INA with LOVE. A penpal project.

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Hello May! 
Please be good! 

It’s just so sudden, I decided to join the Snail Mail Revival (you can check their IG out, @snailmailrevival.) What is that and why would I do that?

"Send us an email to if you're wanting a pen friend and we'll happily match you with someone. #snailmailrevival," they said in their Instagram account.
Back from the Thailand, I’d looked for my Korean book, the learning source, the biography, the manhwa, and some others. Honestly, they are my treasure since I’ve gotten my Korean learning desire back. But that time, I couldn’t find it anywhere at home. But fortunately, now I found them with good condition! *hugs*

When I was looking for my books, I saw my parents’ old thing. And they told me that they have some pen pals when they’re young. That time, there’s a penpal club in the Post Office. My dad has friends from Netherland, Hongkong, and other places. I think it's nice! Moreover because now is global era that we can go anywhere without any border. 

It’s somehow made me remember of the old time.

When I was at my elementary, I moved to another city because my dad’s job. To be keep in touch with my bestie, we did send some letters, and it’s fun! Coming home, having some new mail, read it, reply it, save it, and read it again in the future. Nostalgic! So somehow, I wanted to do it again.

The #YumTomYumproject is coming altogether with #FromINAwithLOVE. It’s just my own made project. Haha. I do it on Instagram and a Post Crossing website. So what’s that?

I write postcard (I also do direct swap) to people outside Indonesia, I also let them know a little bit bahasa Indonesia or I introduce them a little bit about Indonesia. I hope with this little project, I’ll be able to make new friends and let my new friends know about Indonesia. In this first batch, I will use postcard. So that's why I can't tell too much story. Hahaha. So far, I've sent 3 postcards! ^^ 

This is for my first friend in Shanghai!

This is for a friend in Thailand.

This is for a new friend in Russia
I've sent that all today! Hopefully they will arrive ASAP and my friends like it. ^^

Want me to be your penpal, swapping postcards, and more? 
Check my Ig : @gberocks or send me email to

Spread the love of Indonesia!!