[Day 1] Journey to Thailand

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Finally it's the DAY! 

Double Rainbow!
We gathered at our University in Batam (will be called UIB from now on) at around 7 A.M. It's a little bit raining back then. We went to "Nongsapura Seaport" after we all had arrived at the meeting point. When we're about to go to the seaport, there's a rainbow in the sky! Hope it's a good sign.

The situation at the Ferry, that time.
Arrived at the seaport, which was so quiet because the seaport is quite far from the main city, we rushed to checked in for the 9 o'clock ferry which we took to go to Singapore. There just 11 people went to Singapore by that Ferry (included us, 9 students from UIB). That's my first time go to SG with that small amount of people. Personally, I really enjoy the trip. *Sit-Like-A-Boss* We didn't need to be rush to go out  from the ferry (so we don't need to queue for a long time in the Immigration, hehe)!

Arrived at SG, we took Taxi to go to the Changi Airport. We got around 7 - 11SGD per Taxi (we took 3 Taxies). I'm not sure why the price was that variable. There, after checked in, we went to have lunch.

"Rain Orchestra" in the Changi Airport. (Name was made by me, coz idk what's  the real  name of it.) 

And it's time to go on board. Yehey! Finally we fly to Thailand, the land of Smile. Can't wait to be there, to meet new friends, to be a foreigner for six months, and have a new adventure and stories to be shared! The flight took around 2 hours.

It's raining. We afraid the plane would
 be delayed. But thankfully, it's not. =]
                  View from the Sky
Thailand sneak peek