#YOLO – You Only Live Once

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Hi guys, 
YumTomYum here~ ^^

Have you ever heard this before?

Don’t Afraid, Don’t Regret

                I get it from a book, a Chinese folk story book. 
The story is like this.

Long time ago *ehum*, there’s a boy who wanted to go abroad to find a job and gain experience. Then, he asked the oldest man in his family. The eldest said that he have six words for him, but that time he will only give him three; 不要怕, don’t be afraid. He said that he will give the rest to him after he back home.

Then the boy gone.

Out there, he made his life. He gained experience, he also have a good job. But by the time he become more success, he always feel something missing, something should be done better. He regret things he passed. Suddenly he remembered that the eldest have another three words for him. Thought that the eldest’ wisdom will help, he decided to go home.

Unfortunately, the eldest had passed away since the boy went abroad. But, the eldest had a letter which is written for him. The boy received it, and read. There’s another three words in the letter; 不后悔, don’t regret. Then by the time he read it, he feel better because he knew that he no need to regret.

What do you guys get after read the story above?
For me, I got this.

                Honestly, went abroad to Thailand has change my life. I need to be brave, get out from the ‘safety zone’; the family’s care and protection, the friends I’ve gotten from college, get out from the routine I have, etc. But luckily, I’m kind of person that enjoy adventure. Moreover, my family support me to go.

                Five moths there just passed like a dream. The big and green university, the classmate, the library, the monthly bazaar, the culinary, the church, the activity are something I always miss. There, I’ve became an active student who tried to do this and that, and I have time – which is rare if I’m living at Indonesia. So, is there anything I regret about?

YES. I have.

I regret that I should have made more friends, I should have do this and that, and I should not do this or that things. I think that you guys ever have that kind of feeling, like the boy in the story.
不要怕, 不后悔. Don’t afraid, don’t regret.
I learnt that I should not afraid to take a chance yet I should not regret for any detail in the journey. We only live once, so take it as lessons and memories are better than longing to turn back time which is impossible.

Wait, I have my favourite quotes from The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey, 

Gandalf: You'll have a tale to two to tell when you come back.

Bilbo Baggins: Can you promise that I will come back?

Gandalf: No. And if you do, you will not be the same.